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The SCNIR and Amgen

The SCNIR and Amgen are independent. Their partnership ended a few years ago. If you have been part of the program in which Amgen provided patients with Neupogen® (GCSF), then Amgen will continue to provide Neupogen® to you. KnippeRx [] is the specialty pharmacy, which is filling prescriptions for Amgen-supplied Neupogen. Your provider should continue to prescribe your Neupogen through this specialty pharmacy. As long as you refill your prescription at least once a year, you will remain part of this program. If you go an entire year without filling a prescription, then you will be removed from the program and not be able to re-enroll.

Contact KnippeRx

Phone: 833-254-6030
Fax: 877-855-5349

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