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For Patients & Families

Join the SCNIR

It’s easy to join the Severe Chronic Neutropenia Registry (SCNIR)!


We invite all individuals with severe chronic neutropenia or a related condition to join the registry. If you are interested in enrolling yourself and/or your child in the SCNIR, please fill out this form so we can contact you or click here to contact us directly.

Thanks for submitting! A study team member will reach out shortly.

The research team will contact you to schedule a time to provide information about the registry and review the consent form.

Once you have enrolled in the registry, we will ask you to fill out a medical release form so that we can request relevant medical records. To protect, the confidentiality of your medical records, the SCNIR research team will assign a unique code to each participant. This coded information will be entered into a secure computer database.

Join the SCNIR
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