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What is GCSF?

GCSF (granulocyte colony stimulating factor), also called filgrastim, is a medication that increases the number of neutrophils in the blood, helping to decrease the risk of infection. GCSF is usually administered by a subcutaneous injection (injection just under the skin). 

Types of GCSF

Neupogen® (filgrastim) was the first FDA-approved GCSF. There are now several different GCSF products available in the United States, including Granix® (tbo-filgrastim), Nivestym® (filgrastim-aafi), Zarxio®(filgrastim-sndz) and Releuko® (filgrastim-ayow). These biosimilar products are similar to Neupogen and work in the same way. Biosimilar products are often less costly and therefore may be preferred or required by your insurance company.

Patient Financial Assistant Programs

GCSF is usually covered under your medical insurance plan or prescription drug plan. Depending on your insurance plan, you may be responsible for part of the cost of your GCSF prescription. Many of the companies that manufacture GCSF have patient financial assistance programs to help patients obtain GCSF if they have a financial need, do not have insurance, or if their insurance plan does not cover GCSF treatment. If you would like more information about these types of financial assistance programs please discuss with your hematology provider, social worker or pharmacist, or contact us.

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