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If you cannot access the full text of any of these articles, contact the SCNIR office to send you a PDF!

The European Guidelines on Diagnosis and Management of Neutropenia in Adults and Children: A Consensus Between the European Hematology Association and the EuNet-INNOCHRON COST Action (2024):

Neutropenia and antibiotics: when, what, how and why? (2023):

Genetics of severe congenital neutropenia as a gateway to personalized therapy (2022):

Quality of life and patient-reported outcomes in chronic severe neutropenia conditions (2021):

Registries for study of nonmalignant hematological diseases: The example of the Severe Chronic Neutropenia International Registry (2020):

Vaccination in children with chronic severe neutropenia – review of recommendations and a practical approach (2020):,10,41516,1,1.html

Comparing a Neutropenic Diet to a Food Safety-Based Diet in Pediatric Patients Undergoing Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (2019):

Neutropenia in the age of genetic testing: advances and challenges (2019):

A randomized trial of the effectiveness of the neutropenic diet versus food safety guidelines on infection rate in pediatric oncology patients (2017):

Severe congenital neutropenias (2017):

Granulocyte transfusions for treating infections in people with neutropenia or neutrophil dysfunction (2016)

Stem cell transplantation in severe congenital neutropenia: an analysis from the European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (2015)

Use of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor during pregnancy in women with chronic neutropenia (2015)

Stable long-term risk of leukemia in patients with severe congenital neutropenia maintained on G-CSF therapy (2011)


Treatment recommendations for glycogen storage disease type IB- associated neutropenia and neutrophil dysfunction with empagliflozin: Consensus from an international workshop (2024)

Autoimmune Neutropenias: Update on Clinical and Biological Features in Children and Adults (2023)

Felty’s syndrome (neutropenia and spleen enlargement in rheumatoid arthritis) (2023)

Late-onset and long-lasting autoimmune neutropenia: an analysis from the Italian Neutropenia Registry (2020)

Neutropenia in Barth syndrome: characteristics, risks, and management (2019)

Idiopathic neutropenia of infancy: data from the Italian Neutropenia Registry (2018)

Long-Term Effects of G-CSF Therapy in Cyclic Neutropenia (2018)

Autoimmune and other acquired neutropenias (2016)

The diversity of mutations and clinical outcomes for ELANE-associated neutropenia (2016)

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