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Tips When Traveling

  • Visit the CDC website about Travelers’ Health []

  • Be prepared with a mask in case someone around you is coughing. N95 masks are rated to filter very small particles to protect the wearer from dust, mold, and some bacteria and viruses such as COVID19.

  • Carry a small bottle of anti-bacterial hand cleaner (eg Purell).

  • Only drink water that you know is safe; otherwise, stick to bottled or boiled drinks. Avoid ice.

  • Only eat food that is cooked and served hot, peeled by you, or factory sealed.

  • If traveling in an area where food safety is questionable (see CDC website) only eat food that is cooked and served hot, peeled by you, or factory sealed.

  • Check whether your insurance will cover medical care where you are traveling. Consider buying travel health insurance.

Traveling with Medications

  • You do not need a letter to travel with your injectable medications, but if you are flying then medications must undergo security screening. Notify the TSA officer before screening begins that you have medically necessary medications. Place the medication in a separate bin from your other property along with other supplies such as freezer packs and syringes/needles. Ice packs, freezer packs or gel packs can be frozen, partially frozen, or melted to keep medically necessary items cool. Visit the TSA website for more information []

  • Carry GCSF (filgrastim, Neupogen®, or biosimilars) or other temperature-sensitive medications with you in a small cooler bag or an insulated cup or thermos. Insulate the medication from direct contact with ice.

  • Bring your medications in your carry-on bag. Do not place your medicines in your checked luggage.

  • Bring twice as many vials, syringes and/or supplies needed for the number of days you are traveling.

  • Bring medications in containers with the prescription labels. Clearly labeled medications facilitate the screening process.

  • Bring a small needle disposal container.

  • Check with customs on current rules and regulations regarding taking medications in or out of the country.

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